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Main Electrical Panel
As you add electrical appliances and circuits, you increase the demand on your electrical system. Depending on when your home was built and how much electricity you use, your electrical service may need to be upgraded or have a sub-panel added to keep up with demand. Get a peace of mind knowing that the heart of your electrical system is working properly for you and your home.
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Sub Panel
At Mister Sparky, we will evaluate your electrical panel needs and determine if a sub panel is necessary. An electrical sub panel – also known as a service sub panel or circuit breaker sub panel – are often required to create new space for circuit breakers and to optimize your electrical system.
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Smoke Detectors
The most important safety devices in your home are properly functioning smoke and carbon monoxide detectors. A Mister Sparky electrician will be able to layout and install the proper circuitry and smoke detectors based on your local municipality and state requirements.
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Some examples of lighting upgrades are: recessed can lighting, decorative chandelier installation for your dining room, bedroom, and front foyer, kitchen lighting to include under cab lighting, pole lighting for your driveway, landscape lighting, and exterior security lighting. A Mister Sparky electrician will arrive at your home in a fully stocked van. This will enable the electrician to start immediately on your project, eliminating any delays for ordering material or scheduling conflicts with any other jobs.
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Surge Protection
In today’s high-tech world, computerized appliances and electronics can be damaged or destroyed by surges in electrical lines that go unnoticed. The end result can shorten appliance lifespan by as much as 30%. Mister Sparky’s® electricians can help protect your home from electric surges and prevent costly and destructive power surges.
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Our licensed electricians will be able to walk you through the different generator options that will best suit your home. Whether you decide on an automatic whole house standby generator or a portable plug in with transfer kit, our licensed electricians have the expertise and knowledge to walk you through each step. In addition, we offer financing for any large purchases of generators.
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Ceiling Fans
Whether you are looking to install a new fan with wiring, or looking to swap out an existing dated fan, our licensed electricians will arrive at your home with the correct tools and ladders to reach those hard to access places.
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Circuits & Wiring
A thorough electrical inspection completed by a qualified Mister Sparky electrician before buying, selling, or remodeling a home can help ensure your home’s electrical system operates at the highest level of safety possible. Our trained technicians can provide whole house re-wiring and evaluation of your circuits to ensure the safe delivery of electrical current within your home.
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Emergency services are provided 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, to ensure your satisfaction.
Electric Vehicle
Charging Station
Whether you have recently purchased a plug-in hybrid, a Tesla Model X, or just simply crunching the numbers for a new electric vehicle, hats off to you. You are doing your part to cut down on fossil fuel emissions while driving around in style. Nothing tops having the ability to super charge your car within your own home's garage. A Mister Sparky electrician will be able to walk you through the placement and size of the correct charger needed for your new electric vehicle.
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Solar Photovoltaic Service
If you are looking to convert to a clean, sustainable, carbon free energy source, then going solar makes sense. Going solar will not only provide you with clean power, it will allow you to reduce a majority, if not all, of your monthly electricity costs. Thanks to the available federal and state rebates, solar is a great investment. Let us show you how to go green, save money, and give back to our environment.
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